Long stay

Long stay: Photo

Often you want to find a compromise between hotel services and home comfort. Stay at Just WOOD for more than 5 days and get a discount on accommodation! Save yourself from most everyday issues – here, if you wish, you can not think about cooking or cleaning. Every morning you will wake up with a beautiful view, you will be able to breathe fresh air, enjoy the greatness of nature without depriving yourself of comfort and all modern amenities. 

If you want to stay for a long time – we can recommend a house that is right for you. Some houses have their own fully equipped kitchen and it is not necessary to visit the restaurant. This option combines the advantages of hotel service and the opportunity to live more apart from other guests. Especially popular is long-term accommodation for families with children. And for example, while parents are spending time in a SPA or restaurant, professional animators are engaged in children, who work every day, and not only on weekends and holidays, as in many hotels. 

For bookings of 5 nights or more – 10% discount on accommodation!

For bookings of 15 nights or more - 15% discount on accommodation!

For bookings of 30 nights or more - 30% discount on accommodation!

*In case of shortening the period of stay, the hotel reserves the right to recalculate the stay at the rate "from the counter", valid at the time of stay.