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Russian x 80 people people +7 (960) 607-77-11
The main feature of the SheLESt restaurant menu is meat, fish, vegetables cooked in a real Russian wood–burning oven. Few current restaurants use it – it is quite troublesome to maintain a constant temperature in the oven around the clock, there are other nuances. But all this pays off with the unique taste of food prepared in this way. It is very rich, bright – no restaurant equipment, even the most modern, will not give this.

The SheLESt restaurant entered the top 10 new concepts of the XVI National Palme d'Or Award /"Palm Branch of the restaurant Business 2021" in 2021. A unique combination of an amazing atmosphere and original cuisine, which is led by brand chef Anton Krupenin, allowed us to receive such a high rating.

We support local producers and introduce our guests to fresh, natural, pure products. We are close to the concept of "Slow food", the philosophy of which is the benefit and pleasure of what you eat, conscious consumption and caring for the planet.

So our menu includes vegetables from our own greenhouse in summer and autumn, micro-greenery from a nanofarm, products from local producers: cheeses from Alexey Andreev's cheese factory, farm dairy products from Gorshkovo Farm, dishes from clary (marble) catfish, which is grown on the Som Somych farm, berries and berry sauces from Tula Berry Company, natural apple juices from Yasnaya Polyana, honey from a beekeeper from a neighboring village. Dishes from local products are marked in our menu with a special sign (the icon itself with a samovar).

In addition, the brand chef does not miss the opportunity to add bright colors to his dishes in the form of local gifts of the forest: from wild cherry and mushrooms, to berries, herbs, fir cones and flowers.

Here it is – harmony with nature! Add to this an interior in tune with the surrounding nature, panoramic views from huge windows, rustling leaves and birdsong. Perfect!

The restaurant is open from 9:00 to 23:00. Breakfast is served from 9:00 to 11:00.

If you want to enjoy dishes from the SheLESt chef in your cottage, you can use the room-service service