About us: Photo

Just WOOD is a harmonious rest and thoughtful self–care. A place for people where everyone's comfort is appreciated. We have created a space where you can stop, take a breath, take a short break in the endless race, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of comfort and care. We strive to preserve the surrounding nature and make the world around us beautiful, we want to give our guests the opportunity to "slow down", rediscover the sounds of nature - through silence and birdsong to hear their inner voice and their desires, as well as to feel new tastes of the familiar. We created Just WOOD as a place where you can restore inner balance and gain strength and inspiration. A hotel that you will want to return to again and again.

By the way, Just WOOD is an officially recognized "Place of Power". The victory in the eponymous special nomination of the annual federal award in the field of healthy lifestyle and ecology Live Organic Awards 2021 confirms this.