• What are the accommodation options?

    At the Just WOOD country hotel we can offer you comfortable accommodation in cottage-type houses for every taste, age and affluence, both for single occupancy and for romantic couples, both for families with children and for friendly cheerful companies. There are three categories of houses in our Hotel:

    Cottages are a fairly budget option, suitable for both single occupancy and romantic couples, as well as for families with one child.

    Some cottages are connections, so this option is often chosen by a group of friends or two families, there is always an opportunity to open an inter-apartment door and be in direct communication for the entire period of residence /vacation.

    There is a special offer for romantic couples — a detached cottage Lily of the Valley, this is a one-room room, but with a sauna.

    Each cottage has its own lawn with barbecue.

    Log houses, for everyone who loves eco-friendly and maximum unity with nature, are popular with both large families and cheerful companies.

    There is also an offer for romantic couples — a Linden log house, this is a house with a living room and a bedroom, this house is equipped with a sauna.

    For very large families and large companies, XXL log house, maximum occupancy — up to 9 guests.

    Each log house has its own barbecue area on the banks of the Sturgeon River, which includes a barbecue and a wooden table with benches.

    Guest houses are for those who like to relax in nature, but at the same time not to part with urban comfort, these are apartment—type houses.

    A unique offer in this category of accommodation is the Strawberry Guest House. In addition to a full kitchen with an oven and a hob, a sauna and even a washing machine, there is a barbecue gazebo and a full-fledged grill station on the house territory.

  • What is the area and layout of the houses?
    Answer: Cottages are houses with a small open veranda, with an area of 30 to 45 sq.m., these are rooms with one bedroom and a living room, a combined bathroom, equipped with a shower cabin. The Lily of the Valley Cottage is equipped with a sauna.

    Log houses with covered verandas and outdoor furniture, with an area of 73 sq.m, these are rooms with two bedrooms and a living room, a combined bathroom, equipped with a shower cabin. Log house XXL with an area of more than 100 sq.m, has a living room, three bedrooms and a kitchen area, two combined bathrooms equipped with shower cabins. The Linden log house is equipped with a sauna.

    Guest houses are houses with open verandas and outdoor furniture, with an area of 90 sq.m, these are rooms with 3 bedrooms and a living room, combined bathrooms, equipped with shower cabins. Guest houses Strawberry and Sea Buckthorn are equipped with saunas.

  • What is the category of the hotel?

    In August 2022, our Hotel passed the next official classification and confirmed its category 4**** .

  • What is the cost of living?

    The hotel has a dynamic pricing system and prices can vary from 6000 to 30,000 rubles/day, depending on the category of the house and the number of guests staying.

  • Do I need to make an advance payment? Conditions for free cancellation of the reservation?

    Just WOOD Country Hotel accepts only guaranteed bookings. The guarantee is 100% payment for the first night of stay. You can pay by bank transfer on the account, by bank card or in cash at the reception. Russian rubles are accepted for payment.

    If the guest cancels the reservation less than a day before the arrival date, the guest pays 100% of the cost of the first night of stay.

    In case of early termination of the rest, an application is written to the General Director with an indication of the reason for departure. The refund for the unused number of nights of stay is carried out in the same way as the prepayment was made — bank transfer to the specified details, refund to a bank card or cash refund at the reception.

  • What discounts can I get?

    Our hotel has a loyalty program for regular Guests, a minimum discount of 5%, a maximum discount of 30%. Also follow our seasonal Promotions.

    The hotel has Special offers "Birthday" - 10% discount and "Long stay" - for bookings of more than 14 nights — 15% discount, for bookings of more than 30 nights — 30% discount.

  • What are the cabins equipped with (dishes, household appliances, bathrobes??)

    Each cottage, log house and guest house is equipped with a set of dishes and cutlery according to the number of main places of residence in the house of the category chosen by the Guest. Also in each house there is an electric kettle, a microwave oven and a refrigerator. There are additional coffee machines in log cabins and Guest houses. The guest houses have full kitchen areas. Bathrobes are provided in houses with saunas, these are Lily of the Valley, Linden, Sea Buckthorn and Strawberries.

  • Check-in and check-out time?

    Check—in time at the Hotel is from 17:00, check—out time is until 14:00.

    You can arrive at the hotel before the check-in hour and immediately start using other Hotel services that are not related to accommodation. If your room is ready /cleaned before the hour of arrival, it is possible to check in at no extra charge during the period from 14:00. If your room remains free on the day of departure and is not assigned for the arrival of other Guests, then a complimentary late check-out is possible until 18:00.

    Attention! Complimentary early check-in and complimentary late check-out are not guaranteed services and are only possible if there are available cleaned rooms.

  • Is early check-in and late check-out possible?

    Guaranteed early check-in and guaranteed late check-out are possible at the hotel and are paid services. Check the current rates with the Reception and Accommodation Service Administrator.

  • Is it possible to book a house for a day, without an overnight stay?

    Officially, such a service is not provided by the Hotel, it all depends on the nature of the planned event and the date of the event. This issue can always be discussed with the Sales Department managers.

  • Is it allowed to stay with pets?

    At the country hotel Just WOOD, pets are welcome, this service is paid. We accept dogs of non-fighting breeds weighing up to 6kg. You can go to a restaurant with pets, in our SheLESt restaurant there are even special drinkers for pets. Cats of all breeds are also glad to see, the mascot of our Hotel is the cat Marfa))

  • How is the food organized? Is full board possible?

    Buffet breakfast is included in the price of your stay. You can also order a paid breakfast menu. All meals are served in our SheLESt restaurant, Secret Room and according to the season /weather on its outdoor areas — veranda, tent, campfire glades according to the a la carte system. Room servise works, you can order food from the restaurant directly to the house. Attention, this is a paid service. If there is a need for full board meals, our managers will offer you gastronomic sets.

  • What is the restaurant's opening time?

    The restaurant complex is open daily from 09:00 to 23:00.

    Buffet breakfast is served daily from 09:00 to 11:00.

  • Is it possible to organize a picnic for a large company?

    In the country hotel Just WOOD it is possible to order/organize any gastronomic celebration: banquet, buffet, barbecue, picnic, coffee break.

    This issue and its format can always be discussed with our Director of the restaurant complex.

  • How is leisure organized? What programs are offered? What can I do?

    Just WOOD Country Hotel is a WELLNESS—style vacation for the whole family.

    For our YOUNGER GUESTS, the hotel has a children's room and children's animators) conduct activities daily according to a separate schedule.

    For adults: Russian wood-burning sauna, Slow Beauty Spa.

    For the whole family: performances of artists on Saturdays in a restaurant, pre-party and full-fledged karaoke battles in JustKult, family trips to the forest on excursions along well-developed forest trails and routes, master classes, sports events, games and competitions, fishing, rental of sports equipment and much more.

  • Is there a beach or a swimming pool?

    All this will happen), we have just begun to develop the adjacent territory.

  • Is there a store nearby?

    There is a mini-market with ice cream and personal hygiene items right at the hotel, and a full-fledged Shopping Center is a 20-minute drive from the hotel in Venev.

  • Are there any special rules that guests should adhere to?

    All the rules are written in the RULES of the HOTEL, you can read them here on our website, below are the main ones:

    • Check-in time is from 17:00; Check-out time is 14:00
    • Guaranteed Early check-in/Late check-out is paid additionally and is possible complimentarily only if there are available rooms on the day of departure.
    • I undertake to pay the cost of the services provided (including additional services), as well as to compensate for the material damage caused to the country hotel "Just WOOD" through my fault, according to the "Price List of our regrets".
    • I consent to the use of my personal data for administrative and marketing purposes. The administration of the country hotel "Just WOOD" guarantees the non-proliferation of personal data to third parties.
    • The administration is not responsible for things left unattended.
    • On the territory of the country hotel "Just WOOD" it is prohibited:
    • Car washing;
    • The use of pyrotechnic devices in hotel rooms, on the territory of the complex without the consent of the Administration and in places not provided for this;
    • Walking dogs without the supervision of the owner, without a muzzle and a leash;
    • Smoking in residential and office premises. There are special smoking areas on the territory of the complex. For violation of the established prohibitions on smoking (No. 15-FZ, Article 1), a fine of 1,500 rubles is provided.
    • Violate the "Law of Silence" after 23:00.
  • Is it possible to order a transfer, what is the cost?

    Ordering a transfer is possible, check the cost and the point of arrival /departure according to your schedule and geography with the Reception and Accommodation Service Administrator.